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La Palma

Fiestas and Holidays

The culture of the Guanshes lives further in the traditional ceremonies and celebrations on the island

Los Reyes Twelfth Day (6th of January)

The children get their presents on 6th of January. On the eve the three magi process on a camel and an elephant through the cities of Los Llanos and Santa Cruz, handing out sweets to the kids

Almond Blossom Festival in Puntagorda

Puntagorda got the most beautiful almond blossom and since 1977 the village celebrates it in annual festival: "El Almendro en Flor" with dances in traditional costumes, art crafts, vine and various products made of almond.

Dia de los Indianos on Carnival Monday

The legendary powder battle in Santa Cruz welcomes the Indians – the home comers from America with their bird cages, trunks, Havana cigars, golden watches, slaves and typical small eyeglasses ("espejuelos").

Fiesta de la Cruz Day of the Cross (2nd of May)

Hundreds of crosses which are everywhere on the island's roads or mountains will be decorated with paper or drapery on the eve of 3rd May and lightened with candles. Firework and crackers are hissing off through the whole night.

Día de Canarias canary islands Independence Day (30th of May)

There are celebrations in several villages like a regatta from Tazacorte to Puerto Naos and back; here you can see pictures of the race.

20th of July

St. Margaret of Antioch

Bajada de la Virgen / Bringing down the virgin

The "virgin of the snow" is the patron saint of the island since 1534. To celebrate her, every five years (since 1680) people take the patron saint's statue from its normal place in a chapel on a procession through the city of Santa Cruz. The famous dance of the dwarfs (Danza de los Enanos) is also part of this celebration.

Patron saint's celebration of Los Llanos de Aridane (June - July)

The Patron saint's celebration of Los Llanos de Aridane during the summertime is one of the most popular events. With exhibitions, street festivals and various music events the celebrations take several weeks. On the "Traditional day" ("Dia Typica") the people wear traditional costumes and celebrate a "rural party". The best meat from all over the region will be brought to the city to be examined on a trade show. Neighbour associations cook regional specialities and distribute food and wine for free. The highlight is a procession in traditional costumes through the city of Los Llanos – an event you should not miss!

San Antonio del Monte (13th of June)

The Saint Anthony of the mountain in Garafia blesses the livestock on a big trade show.

Ntra. Sra. de Carmen (Juli)

All villages near the ocean (Tazacorte, Puerto Naos, and El Remo) celebrate the patron saint of the fishermen.

Saint Jacob's Day (25th of July)

Virgin of the Snow (5th of August)
Celebration in honour to the Virgin of the Pine in El Paso (August)
Moors and Christians (August)
Assumption Day (15th of August)
Fiesta Del Diablo (September)

Devil's party in Tijarafe

Archangel Michael in Tazacorte (29th of September)

Celebrations with popular hand made horses called "Fufos".

Día de la Hispanidad (12th October)

Spanish National holiday

All Saints' Day (1st of November)
St. Martin's Day (11th of November)

Tasting of the new wine with chestnuts and bacon in all bodegas

Constitutions day (6th of December)

1978 the Spanish constitution came into effect by passing a plebiscite.

Día de la Inmaculada Concepción (8th of December)

Day of the Immaculate Conception

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