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Sometimes it's not so easy to find the real estate you are looking for.

But no worry! Building a new home could be an alternative to buying a yet existing real estate.

Together with our partners CONTACTO offers you a turnkey solution for your new home on La Palma Island. With more than 30 years of experience in building homes, Contacto already implemented around 200 houses and building projects on the island. Within only 6 months your home will be finished, from the first sketch until the turnkey handover.

All construction works will be implemented by Contacto in single-handedly. By using a broad network of internal and external experts as gangs, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, painters and electricians, we are able to carry out all required works and tasks.

This enables us to put your ideas and visions into effect. If needed, we are able to provide you several innovations and ideas too.

5 Steps to your own house on La Palma

1. Building contract

For the creation of a building contract the house builder and the construction company agree to a building contract. The construction company will be our partner company Contacto. The building contract lists all specifications, and additionally all crafts which maybe are not part of the building project, as outdoor installations, road access, cisterns and/or special requests.

See model contract here Model contract

2. Handling of payments

The payment will be effected in 3 steps*:

Therefore we usually split the price into 3 equal installments.

First installment: First partial payment has to be made before start of construction. Afterwards we finish the shell construction with the roof.

Second installment: Second payment is required after the house builder has accepted the shell construction.

Third installment: The third installment will be paid in 3 steps again:

- First payment after verbal confirmation of completion of the building by the building company.

- Second payment after acceptance of construction work by the architect.

- Third payment after final acceptance of the building by the house builder.

*individual agreements are always possible

3. Warranty

In Spain, the so-called Aparejador is another important authority besides the architect. He plays a decisive role in the entire construction process. The Aparejador supervises the work progress and confirms afterwards that the building conforms to the architectural plan. This guarantees you the future legal state of your new home.

Warranty claims are defined by Spanish law. For visible defects the warranty lasts for one year, for construction defects affecting habitability three years and for structural defects even ten years.

4. Project

If you don't have a precise project ready, we can help you to bring your ideas to paper. Maybe you prefer to choose one of our yet existing homes. Then we can modify it the way you want to. With the support of an architect we implement your ideas until the final construction drawing. The cooperation with the architect will be made via Email, for settling details and/or modifications. As a result, you receive an architectural plan for a specific building project which contains all your ideas and visions.

Both, the building project (i.e. the architectural plan) and the deed are required for the application for a building license. We care about all formalities, from application to grant. Our experience and our business contacts help us to accelerate and facilitate all paperwork. Hence we receive the grant in the majority of cases already only one month later.

As soon as the building license is granted, the construction phase can start.

Construction Phases

We do all necessary earthmovings, however the natural conditions are on your ground. Our longtime experience enables us to get the maximum out of any available budget, to gain the most benefit of the future use of your property.


The owner decides for his favorite adjustment of the building. Therefore we draw the ground plan in real scale on the ground, to get a living impression of the future building and its adjustment.


The strip footing has proved its value on La Palma Island. It runs under the exterior walls and will be connected with the roof by corner columns. On request we also build a bed-plate footing, which is very popular in other regions on earth. But you should take into account, that this footing type it is no ideal solution for the natural conditions on La Palma Island

Copper groundings

All rods of the footing will be connected with copper wire and properly grounded. (see picture)

Moisture barrier

The horizontal moisture barrier between the footing and the brickwork is a very important part of the construction. We developed a special technique which has been approved for many years and prevents all rising damps. (see sketch)


The Spanish law for energy efficiency requires certain standards for new buildings. Therefore it is necessary to use either bricks of 29 cm (11.42 in) or a double brick wall with cavity. Our experience shows that 29cm-bricks are the better way: they provide a comfortable room climate and got a better price-value relation.

Tiled roof

Contacto builds roofs following the traditional German roof structure:

Batten, counter-batten, moisture barrier, tiles etc. (see sketch)

Important: Only a breathable roof is able to let the entering moisture (caused be wind, storm or other natural phenomena) pass out again.

Flat roof

The water-resistance of a flat roof is achieved by its slope, which allows the water to drain off. We use an isolation based on rubber. It has a water resistance warranty of ten years, provided by an insurance company. The thermal insulation will be made by rock wool, the humidity insulation by a diffusion house wrap.


After finishing the shell construction, we plan together with the future owner the distribution of headlamps, switches and sockets.

Plumbed rooms (bathroom and kitchen)

Together we make the designs of bathroom and kitchen. You can choose tiles, bathroom fittings and other items from one of our local suppliers or even order them from foreign distribution companies.


A proper window should be not only water and wind resistant, it also needs to be breathable - to guarantee a constant air exchange. That's why we cooperate with several distribution companies from Germany. Furthermore we can offer you tailor-made windows made of different materials, such as wood, plastics or aluminum.


We use breathable plastering for a comfortable room climate. This kind of plastering allows a high weather resistance by coevally aeration of the interior rooms.


It's essential to isolate the floor screed against moisture and heat loss. For waterproofing we use waterproof foil and for thermal insulation Styrodur (5 cm). Another possibility with an additional benefit could be a swimming screed, which is a second screed, isolated from its surrounding structure. This prevents outdoor temperature changes from being transmitted to the floor.


You've got free choice! We are able to lay all kind of tiles and however you prefer: linear, diagonal or with patterns

Interior doors

We use either standard interior doors or tailor-made doors, made by our in-house carpenter.

Interior painting

For both interior painting and exterior painting we strongly prefer the use of breathable colors. This facilitates, together with the breathable plastering, a comfortable and ideal room climate.

All woods will be treated with a water based wood preservative.

Outdoor facility

We do not only build houses, we are also highly experienced in creating outdoor facilities as terraces, pergolas, swimming pools, barbecues, carports, natural brick walls, outdoor showers, outdoor kitchens, fences, gates etc.

5. Basic services

After the acceptance of construction work by the architect the building needs to be accepted by the municipality too. Therefore a municipal engineer verifies, if the building fulfills all requirements of the building license.

Afterwards you receive a certification of comfort, in Spanish called "Cedula de Habilitad". This paper is required to get water-connection, electricity and phone. While the connectors for water and electricity are usually not located at the property, an estimation of these costs will be done already in the building contract.

With the "Cedula de Habilitad", the necessary connections can be implemented fast and promptly.


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