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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Vacation home rental by Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L.


The reservation of the accommodation can be made in writing, verbally, via telephone or with the online form. The agreement shall take effect upon acceptance by Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. The acceptance does not require a specific form.


The entire amount of rent shall be due and payable upon arrival and conclusion of the rental agreement.

Cancellation and/or changes by the customer

The traveller can withdraw from the agreement at any time before starting the trip. In this case, a lump sum cancellation fee shall become due for each registered traveller depending on the date of cancellation:

30 in advance 20 %

29 to 15 days before arrival 30 %

14 to 8 days before arrival 50 %

7 days to 1 day before arrival 80 %

without announcement 95 %

Arrival and departure

On the day of arrival, the accommodation can be occupied at 2 p.m. On the day of departure, it should be left by 11 a.m. The rented accommodation has to be left clean and in a well-swept condition, dishes washed. In case of arrival at the CONTACTO office in Los Llanos after 8 p.m., a fee of 25,- € will be charged.

Hand-over of Keys

Keys shall always be handed over in the offices of Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. In case of loss of the key, an amount of at least 50 € will be charged.

Number of holiday-makers

The vacation homes may only be used by the persons indicated in the rental agreement. Any additional person must be registered in the office.


The information provided on this website has been carefully reviewed and is updated on a regular basis. However, we can not assume any guarantee that all the information provided will at all times be complete, correct, and up-to-date. We do not assume any liability for damages caused to the rented object by force majeure, as for instance strike, war, earthquakes, power and water outages as customary in the region, violent or stormy weather conditions. Disturbances by a nearby construction site will be compensated after notification, if possible, an equivalent or better accommodation will be provided - or a chargeback shall be realised for the days concerned.

Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. shall not be liable for any disturbances occurring in connection with any third party services arranged by CONTACTO S.L. as an agent (e.g. excursions, rental cars, etc.). The renter shall treat the accommodation including furniture and equipment with care and shall be obligated to notify Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. of all damages caused by him/her during his/her stay and indemnify Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. for such damages caused.

Damages to the pool

The renter shall be liable for any damages to the pool and the pertaining installations caused by negligence or failure to comply with his/her obligation of supervision.

Liability for burglary

Our insurance policy only covers the damages caused to the owner of the house; damages caused to the renter can possibly be reimbursed by his/her own insurance. For this purpose, each case of burglary must be reported to the police.

Complaints, defects

IF the renter does have any complaints with regard to his/her holiday home, he/she shall immediately contact Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. in order to enable the latter to remedy the defects. Complaints raised subsequently can not be taken into account.

Laundry and cleaning

The final cleaning costs include a sufficient quantity of clean linen and towels which shall be provided for a stay of four weeks - except in case of long-term agreements. Additional cleaning shall be possible against extra charge.


Since dogs and cats are not allowed in all accommodations, pets must be registered when making the reservation. The final cleaning will be charged at double price. Upon arrival, Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. shall have the right to refuse admittance of any pets not announced in the confirmation of the reservation. The tenant shall be liable for any damages caused by his/her pet. It is not allowed to feed stray cats and make them accustomed to the holiday home.


Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. provides a telephone for declared vacation homes: on payment of € 10 and a deposit of € 100. The charge of the phonecalls will be investigated via internet by our office staff and will be cleared — by returning the telephone — with the deposit sum.


Availability and speed of the internet that is provided in the holiday home cannot be guaranteed by Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L. and is solely the responsibility of the respective telecommunications provider.

The exclusive court of jurisdiction is Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.

Terms and conditions for selling or purchasing real estate by Mantenimiento de CONTACTO S.L.

1. This website, applicable law

This website is owned by Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L., with its office in Calle General Yague 13, 38760 Los Llanos, La Palma, Tenerife, Spain, Register Tenerife by Register-nr. C.I.F. B-38294955, CEOs: Volker Horch and Juan Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez. Any contract between you as a costumer and Mantenimiento de Contacto is set by spanish law.

2. Agreement to this terms and conditions

By using our website and its services the costumer agrees to out terms and conditions without exceptions. Else, Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. does not agree to the use of its website and its related services.

3. Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. - Services

Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. acts as a real estate agent on La Palma island. The unique service related to this business is finding a puchaser for real estates, offered by Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L.

4. Obligations of the vendor

On any purchase, mediated by Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L., a fee of 3 % (+ 6,5 V.A.T.) will be charged to the vendor. Therefore, any decrease of the price leads to a lower commsion too. The latest point in time for the payment is by signing the notarial certificate.

The vendor is obliged to:

- not decrease the price, unless notification and to inform Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. about any price changes

- inform about other real estate agencies involved

- inform about any selling by third parties and/or general changes related to the selling

- if Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. provides a selling contract, signed by the purchaser, the commission fee has to be paid, even if the vendor changes his mind by any reason

On any purchase, mediated by Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L., a fee of 3 % (+ 6,5 V.A.T.) will be charged to the vendor. Therefore, any decrease of the price leads to a lower commsion too. The latest point in time for the payment is by signing the notarial certificate.

The vendor guarantees acces to his property to the representative of Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L., with prior notice.

5. Obligations of the purchaser

The purchaser pays a commission fee of 3 % (+ 6,5 V.A.T.), the minimum fee is € 1000,00.

6. Modifications to the terms and conditions

Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. may change or modify these terms and conditions by any time without special notification to the user. The terms and conditions on this website are always published in its latest valid version. By using our website, the user agrees to all applied changes or modifications of these terms and conditions in the past.

7. Sufficiency

These terms and conditions contain all agreements in the contract between the user of this website and Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. and replace all written or vocally agreements from the past, regardless of its form.

8. Salvatory clause

Should any part of this agreement be invalid for any reason, it is to be replaced with a corresponding text, which is valid and equivalent to the intended meaning. The rest of the agreement shall remain unaffected and valid.

The exclusive court of jurisdiction is Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.


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